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my background

15 years teaching yoga and meditation

5 years as a teacher trainer, founding and orchestrating Circle Yoga’s  basic and advanced teacher trainings

Advanced certification in Yoga (E-RYT500) and full certification in the Realization Process (Embodiment, Healing Ground, and Meditation certifications)

Additional training / study including anatomy, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, bodywork, prenatal yoga, qi gong and nei gung, mindfulness meditation, and Trauma-Sensitive Meditation

7 years teaching at UCLA, including their first-ever classes on the environment in American literature and on ecocriticism as a field

Academic degrees from Yale (B.A., summa cum laude) and UCLA (M.A., Ph.D.) studying Humanities and English literature, with awards including  a Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Studies

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my values

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what I teach

The Realization Process is a set of 50+ practices to heal and refine your body, heart, and mind. Each of these practices can help you feel more balanced, more peaceful, and at the same time more vibrantly alive.

The 'realization' part happens gradually, as the practices work layer by layer to unveil your true nature. Eventually you know yourself as both the water and the ripple, the still ground of being and your unique individual self.

It sounds complicated, but when you get there, it feels like home.

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interested in working together?

Yoga is complicated: it’s movement and stillness, discipline and freedom of body, mind, and spirit, a whole ancient and ever-evolving tradition of poses and prana (energy) work and mantra and meditations –.and even that’s not the whole of it).


And Yoga is simple: it’s whatever you do to come back to yourself. Just an hour-long public class or a few minutes on your mat at home can be a gorgeous way to have a moment of union with your body and mind and to cultivate a kind and lively relationship with yourself and your world.

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what clients say

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