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The Realization Process is a set of more than 50 practices for healing and refining your body, mind, heart, and spirit. 


The practices range from seated and moving meditations, through subtle emotional work and fascial releases, all the way to choreographed and free-form dance.

All of the practices are fascinating in their own right, and they can feel very different, but they point toward one end: helping you discover your own true nature.

In the Realization Process, that true nature is both (A) your own unique individuated self and (B) completely at one with the universe -- all at the same time.

You know yourself as both the water and the ripple; both the still ground of all being and the movement of all being through that ground. 

Sounds complicated, feels great, 5 stars, highly recommend. 

about the realization process

older woman sitting in meditation by water

Judith Blackstone, who developed the Realization Process, believes that this is the 'enlightenment' or 'nondual realization' that so many traditional spiritual texts describe.

I think she's right. 

Since I've started practicing the Realization Process, I feel like I've been messing around with crayons and construction paper for my whole Yoga & meditation life -- and I'm not complaining, Crayola for the win -- but now someone's handed me a full grown-up set of calligraphy brushes and parchments. Hel-lo. It's the same general idea, but almost indescribably more sophisticated and compelling.

Whether you've been practicing for a decade or more yourself, or you're brand new to this sort of thing, I hope you'll try a few sessions and see what you think!

from crayons to 

calligraphy brushes

private session rates

supports my community work

$135 per session
$115 per session
$40-75 per session
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what clients say

"Bonnie assists clients in the embodiment of consciousness through the deep healing of trauma held in the body . Her compassionate presence invites clients to experience the ground of being and attune to wholeness available within the subtle core of the body.  She is adept in meeting clients where they are,  tailoring and sequencing Realization Process practices for unwinding somatic trauma patters and resolving fragmentation. Bonnie’s gentle humor and lightness is a gift to experience . Profound healing is available if you chose to work with her." - Lakshmi, Chicago IL

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