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yoga for a healthy back
sunday 5-6 pm
online and at Circle Yoga in Washington DC

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$135 per session
$115 per session
$40-75 per session
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what clients say

"I have been practicing yoga with Bonnie for about seven years. I've taken general classes as well as various workshops. I am currently a regular student in her Yoga for a Healthy Back class on Sunday evenings. Bonnie's strong understanding of anatomy underpins the structure and flow of the class, and she conducts the class with close attention to the needs of individual students as well as with joy and a gentle sense of humor.  I always leave class more comfortable in my body than when I arrived. And this sense of well-being lasts through the week because of the practical tips she offers on protecting the back. I highly recommend this class." - Barbara, Washington DC

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what clients say

"Bonnie is a wonderful yoga instructor. I felt at ease from the very first time I attended one of her classes, now many years ago. Her combination of strong technical skills and smooth interaction with participants, including an occasional dose of humor, put me at ease but also challenged me to do better from the very first class. I was very new to yoga when I first attended her classes, but I was quickly "hooked" by her ability to lead me to both the physical flexibility side of yoga and the mind relaxing side. I've now been taking classes with Bonnie for many years and will definitely continue to do so." - Ted, Washington DC

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about yoga

Yoga is complicated: it’s movement and stillness, discipline and freedom of body, mind, and spirit, a whole ancient and ever-evolving tradition of poses and prana (energy) work and mantra and meditations –.and even that’s not the whole of it). 

And Yoga is simple: it’s whatever you do to come back to yourself. Just an hour-long public class or a few minutes on your mat at home can be a gorgeous way to have a moment of union with your body and mind and to cultivate a kind and lively relationship with yourself and your world.

A few things about how I teach Yoga: 


I don’t really care what you or your pose look like from the outside, or how long you’ve been doing Yoga. And I’m happy to see you ignore what I’m saying during class to stick with a pose that’s working for you. My priority is helping you to tune in to what you need right now, for your body, mind, and spirit. 


As time goes on, I’ll help you develop a whole toolkit of practice options, along with the ability to choose exactly which of those tools will work best for you in the moment, and how to wield each tool most skillfully. Of course we’ll work with Yoga asana (poses) as the main tool – they’re very versatile and very effective! – but  I also enjoy offering other ways to approach a practice (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

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how I work with people

My teaching always emphasizes a personalized approach, but of course in private sessions everything can be tailored to exactly what you need: The pacing, the choice of poses, and the way we work within each pose. We can keep a laser focus on whatever you're most interested in -- or just keep moving to shake off a tough day. It's all good.

private sessions:

I love teaching group classes because they offer such a strong sense of support and community. They're also a great format for (... surprise, surprise... ) teaching and learning about Yoga. I keep an eye on the "curriculum" week to week and always plan to offer a take-home point or two, an idea that you can understand clearly, really get your teeth into, and use wherever you are. I also make a point of trying to listen to what each student needs and offering different options and cues where they might be helpful. And last but not least: I try to offer practices that are absorbing, interesting, strengthening, and calming. You're guaranteed a good resting pose at the end!

group classes:
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